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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Copybase is fixed (29€ per month if paid yearly/ 49€ per month if paid monthly), but please note that an additional cost might be incurred due to the consumption-based charges of the OpenAI’s APIs, which are utilized by the Copybase platform.

Yes, we offer 10k words for every new account with the Pay as you go plan. We also offer a trial period for new users with the Flat plan. It’s a great way to see how our platform can meet your needs before making a commitment.

We accept all major credit cards for payment through Stripe. If you encounter any issues or have specific payment needs, please contact our support team.

There are no additional costs beyond the basic subscription for Copybase itself. Any potential variation in overall cost would be dependent on usage of OpenAI’s APIs.

Flat Plan: Each team subscription includes 10 users. If you need to add more users to your team, there will be an additional fee per user.

Pay as you go: Each team includes unlimited users. You will share your credit balance with all the team members.

An OpenAI API key is a requirement for Copybase, as our service uses these models for the generation of content. Access to OpenAI’s platform through these keys may have separate charges.

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to change or cancel your plan anytime from your account settings.

Our refund policy allows you to request a refund within 14 days of purchase. Please contact our support team if you need further information.

Yes, you can add more teams or users whenever you want. Each additional user over your subscription limit costs 5€ excl. vat per month (60€ excl. vat if you choose annual payment)

Yes, you can choose to have a separate subscription for each team if it suits your organizational needs better.

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